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Sue has been helping companies grow through strategic marketing for all of her career. Beginning with Fortune 100 companies, Sue learned best practices and then applied them to help smaller businesses grow efficiently and effectively. Her expertise includes voice of customer market research, marketing planning and execution, branding, focus groups, and website building.

As marketing has evolved more online, Sue has learned the impact that digital marketing can have on a company’s growth. With metrics available to gain insights into what’s working online, she now focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase visibility and leads online.

Sue’s training in strategic and digital marketing along with her diverse work experiences across industries and around the world enables her to choose which marketing tools will be most impactful for clients. Adept at asking the right questions, her clients experience growth and expansion and a positive ROI.

For the past three years, Sue’s focus has been helping companies grow through SEO and local SEO. Working with the top SEO firm Intrycks, Sue has helped law firms, dental practices and other healthcare practices, IT terms, service firms and more attract more leads online. She also is part of the Local SEO Tactics podcast discussing audience submitted questions and client challenges common amongst small and medium businesses.

You can learn more about Intrycks here.

Check out Sue on the Local SEO Tactics podcast!

About Us

GrowthLynx works with marketing metrics, not marketing fluff.  We leverage data and analytics to create and implement strategic marketing initiatives that are cost effective, actionable and drive business growth. That may mean reviewing existing data or conducting market research with your clients to get to know them better. By understanding your clients’ wants and needs, we help determine your competitive advantages, craft your messaging so it resonates with clients, and generate leads that will convert to business. We develop AND implement a marketing plan that includes the right online and offline tools to maximize your marketing ROI.

GrowthLynx provides a discipline and structure to your growth initiatives to help you expand new and existing relationships, attract and engage leads, and convert relationships to business.




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