Our Services

GrowthLynx can help you increase revenue without wasting money.

While we have worked with all kinds of businesses – consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, law firms, medtech and others – our deepest expertise is with tech companies, professional service providers, and trade associations. If you are interested in increasing revenue with strategic mindful marketing solutions, you are in the right place.

Following is an overview of five servIces GrowthLynx offers that help businesses expand new and existing relationships, increase ROI on your marketing investment, and convert leads to business.

1) Voice of the Customer and Employee Retention Analyses

Voice of Customer Analysis

Valuable for building client retention, determing effective messaging, and increasing business from existing clients and contacts

♦  Learn how your clients see your business, why they work with you, and what services you offer that they may not know

♦  Build and strengthen relationships – CLIENTS LOVE BEING ASKED THEIR OPINIONS! – it shows you care

♦  Apply customer insights learned to convert leads and increase your business

Employee Retention Analysis

Valuable for increasing employee loyalty, identifying areas to improve job satisfaction, and increasing employee retention

♦  Build loyalty and retention by listening to employees and addressing concerns they have

♦  Learn what is needed to increase job satisfaction and morale so employees want to stay

♦  Keep your employees satisfied and they will keep your clients satisfied!

2) Lead Conversion Audit

Valuable for operationalizing your business and increasing lead conversion

♦  Learn if your online presence is helping you or hurting you attract leads

♦  Learn what changes you can make to increase lead conversion

♦  Learn if your communications are consistent and optimized for being found in search

3) Business Development Plans

Valuable for growing an individual professional’s business by increasing visibility, increasing accountability, and attracting and converting leads

♦  Learn how to grow your business with current and new clients

♦  Build systems for staying in front of clients and contacts for awarness and visibility

♦  Develop and optimize your ‘Circle of Influence’ to promote your services to new audiences

4) Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan, and Implementation 

Valuable for growing your business planfully and cost effectively

♦  Determine which marketing tools will work hardest to accomplish your business goals 

♦  Attract and convert leads through your online presence

♦  Increase ROI on your marketing investment instead of wasting your marketing budget on ‘random acts of marketing’ 

5) Optimize ROI on Trade Shows, Programs/Events, and Speaking Engagements

Valuable for maximizing business development opportunities and attracting leads

♦  Learn how to fully leverage your investment in sponsorship, programs, and presentations 

♦  Increase your visibility and traction in the marketplace

♦  Attract qualified leads and interest in learning more about your business